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Jared Sparks Ghost Detective #2: The Case of the Missing Ghost

Before she entered Murphy’s Pub, her third Irish bar in two days, Anastasia Brown sent a text to the office. She was supposedly snarled in traffic as she returned from the courthouse with a copy of the deed Jared needed. She worked for the Sparks Agency, a ghost and nephew run firm. Even though Anastasia’s predecessor at the agency, an investigator by the name of O’Brien, had disappeared, the Sparks duo had voted down her desire to search for him.

“He doesn’t want to be found,” Sparks had claimed.

So Anastasia had taken on the case herself. Based on her stereotypical idea of Irishmen, she had mapped out the area surrounding the Sparks’ house and marked every place there was a bar or club. read more

Jared Sparks Ghost Detective: Investigator Wanted #1

Anastasia Brown stepped down from the bus, narrowly avoiding a puddle with one foot but straight into it with the left. She was wearing her black, sparkly pumps she had bought for an evening medical school party. She knew they were inappropriate for an interview. Groceries or new shoes–such were her choices these days. read more

The Devil and Ella Davis

Chapter 1 The Rope

 After midnight, the devil approached the dilapidated house on Compromise Street.  The party there was  beginning to break up like polar ice in the spring, one chunk at a time cracking off and drifting away.  

The devil entered the house into a wrecked party room.  Cups and cans littered every surface. read more

Red, Luck, and Blue

Some people are lucky. That’s what Karen’s new friend, Bridget, said to Susan as they stood together on Karen’s lawn. Susan looked around at the place Karen had bought six months ago after her divorce. It came with a burbling brook, a spacious green yard, an outdoor patio, and plenty of space for a garden. 

Already a small crowd was gathering on the deck. Balloons and streamers, still up from the Fourth of July, adorned the porch railing and framed the guests in that space. read more

by Ann H. Myers ©2020

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