The Tale is Still a Lie

Perhaps you noticed, probably not, that I have not posted for a while. I think I should and then end up reading or writing (not my blog post) or painting or hiking. I’m not a blogger, and that’s okay.

My page Slow as Molasses (it’s up there in the menu somewhere) has been updated with the books I have managed to read in 2021. I have an indie book section and another for others. The weirdest book on there is The Names, and the one I liked the most is the one I’m reading now. I haven’t finished it yet so your curiosity will have to wait until the next time I update my list unless you want to leave me a comment and ask for a hint.

Do I have any pictures to post? I have not been taking many lately. Let me check my phone.

. . .

I’ve got some video of the sky and some birds singing, lots of pictures of my new used car (love it!), and the marsh at Asateague minus any horses (non-native anyway says my husband). Here we go. This is the pop-up greenhouse that blew around my yard a lot before I got serious and staked it down like a tent.

portable greenhouse staked like a tent
I’ve got zucchini, basil, lemon grass, and Thai chili peppers in there.

And here’s one more my husband sent me from our hike yesterday. These are Virginia bluebells, Mertensia virginica.

Virginia blue bells
Pretty, right?

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